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PSCONV algorithm: c4r6c to c3r3c

How is the (2,2) cross-pol term in the 3x3 symmetrized covariance matrix (c3r3c) generated from the 4x4 non-symmetrized covariance matrix (c4r6c)?

From the PSCONV help, I understand it is the average of the (2,2) and (3,3) terms in the 4x4 matrix, but is it also multiplied by 2 in the PSCONV algorithm?

I usually see a factor of 2 in front of the (2,2) term in 3x3 covariance matrices as in

Can you please confirm whether or not this has been applied in PSCONV?



Aaron Thompson

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I resolved this by speaking with PCI directly.  The answer, fyi:

Yes, the (2,2) term in the 3x3 symmetrized matrix is multiplied by 2 when it is created with PSCONV in order to preserve power along the diagonal.

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