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ortho generation in modeler


I am trying to create a modeler graph where I want to implement a terrain correction of my SAR image. 

In focus I can see that the image has a rational functions model from state vectors binary channel and I want to use it to generate the ortho.

I am doing: 

Import sar and dtm  > ortho module > export.

I don't want to do this in orthoengine as I need to automate this process.

Could anybody help? Thanks! 


Juan Ardila

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Hello Juan,
Please see the tutorial below showing the steps to create an Ortho from Radar imagery in OrthoEngine.
If you wish to automate the process we would suggest using Python. The script below shows a satellite batch photogrammetric workflow. In order to ingest SAR imagery you would need to use the SARINGEST algorithm.
When working in Modeler note that you can click "Load Example" in the Module Librarian window. This will load a workflow into the canvas using the algorithm which you can then modify to suit your specific needs.
More examples using Modeler and Python can be found on our Developer Zone -

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