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Combining DEM Tiles

We recently ran an Open Discussion and Q&A Webinar. We received the following question that many people were interested in

Q: Do you have to make a mosaic of DEM tiles, or is there a better way to combine them?

A: There are many DEM datasets that are downloaded in tiles - for example SRTM. There are two different methods to combining these DEM tiles. You can do this through Mosaic Tool or if you are already running OrthoEngine you can easily merge the tiles there. 

Mosaic Tool - You can mosaic the different tiles in Mosaic tool. You will need to make sure to choose "File Extents" when setting the Compute Cutline option. This ensures that there are no gaps between the tiles in the final DEM mosaic. 

OrthoEngine - In an OrthoEngine project you can select Processing Step > Import & Build DEM > DEM from Raster file. In this panel you can add all tiles to the "DEM merge set candidates" and then transfer all to "DEMs to merge". Choose OK, set the output options and "Generate DEMs".

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