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How to save the classified picture file while performing supervised classification?


The following question was asked by one of our users.

"Recently I ran a supervised classification in Geomatica Focus. Everything turned out good, but I realized that I wasn't able to save the classified picture file. Is this possible? If it is, how do I do it?"



If you are doing object-based classification using Object Analyst:

Since the classified result is added as new attribute to the segmentation file polygons, the information is technically already saved when classification finishes. It can be viewed in Focus going into the representation editor choosing whatever you have named the classification field. Upon loading a file into a new Focus session, the final classification information isn’t the default displayed attribute, so you have to go and change the symbology yourself (this is outlined at the end of the following tutorial in Symbolizing Classification Results:

To get a picture showing just the classified result, you can export a map (File -> Export Map) as a JPEG once the classification attribute is displayed onscreen.

If you are doing pixel-based classification, the result will be stored in a new raster channel which you can view from the Files tab.


Selim Erguden

Technical Solutions Specialist at PC Geomatics

Selim Erguden

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