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No data gets forgotten in SCALE


I have a Worldview-3 MUL image that has no_data = 0,0,0.

If I send that to ATCOR, I get No data at those locations :

So far so good. 

Now, when I scale the result to 8U. the NoData, which originally was 0, now gets an arbitrary value like 120.  For some reason, each channel gets a different value so I get for example RGB = (120,33,56) instead of (0,0,0).  I noticed that that triplet of arbitrary values changes as a function of scaling algorithm.  Is this a known issue ?

Yves Moisan

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Hello Yves, 

This problem should not be occurring as the SCALE algorithm will maintain the NO_DATA_VALUES.  Please make sure you are using the most recent version of Geomatica - Banff: This could be a problem with your specific dataset. If you continue to get the same problem when using Geomatica Banff you can contact and they can assist. 

Hope this helps!

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