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DSMMERGE Geomatica 2018

Dear all,

I test the DSMMERGE Funtion by python scripting.

My goal is to merge geo.pix of each DSM aerial photogrammetric models in one full complete.pix. I don't want any filter so I wrote : 

from pci.dsmmerge import dsmmerge

mfile = r"S:\03-Production\06-Maillage_AT\03-AT Final\MTM8\Block38_39\EPI\geofinal\*.pix"
dbec = [1]
dbscore = [3]
dbimage = [2]
filo = r"S:\03-Production\06-Maillage_AT\03-AT Final\MTM8\Block38_39\DSM\merged_dsm_geomatica2018_nofilter.pix"
edgefix = [0]
demfilt = "none"
demopts = "blend=0 maxerror=5"

dsmmerge(mfile, dbec, dbscore, dbimage, filo, edgefix, demfilt, demopts)


Demfilt is set to "none", edgefix to 0 and blend to 0, as i don't want any filter.

On my result, i observe some place has been smoothed compared the original geo .pix. I suspect the "speckle" filter. 

What must i do to switch off the "speckle" filter ?

My goal is to merge DSM geo.pix without any filter. I just want to place dsm geo.pix one by one, no matter the order.


Thanks in advance,


Best regards,


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