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Terrasar-X data: Input data does not contain orbital information

I'm want to add image on Data Input processing step, while i want to input terrasar-x (EEC Product) to the project, i got notification error said :

"Input data does not contain orbital informatin"

also, while i can add image from Terrasar-X SSC product, i can't add SSC product image if i try to convert the SSC product to .pix file using focus

Please help, how I can input these data.. thank you


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Terrasar-X EEC data (Enhanced ellipsoid corrected) has already been corrected using a DEM so it cannot be used in OrthoEngine Radar Satellite Modelling. We only support MGD and SSC products in OrthoEngine’s Radar Satellite Modelling. If you wish to fine tune the correction, you could use a polynomial, thin plate spline or adjust ortho math models.

When ingesting the data you will need to select the *.XML file in order to ingest all of the required metadata associated to the file.

 Hope this helps!

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