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Hi. I just heard about the software, and in general, it seems to have a very friendly interface, but I am facing a problem that I can't solve.

I am trying to use the algorithm DEMADJUST, but it is not working. The following error message appears.


"Data exception occurred.
Reason: ELEVATION_DATUM metadata tag is missing in FILEDEM.Fatal Error: IMP forced exit of task.
DEMADJUST fail to run correctly!
Module DEMADJUST had an error during execution."



How can I fill this metadata tag?


Best regards,


Barbara Barbosa

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Hi Barbara, 

Glad you like our interface and are getting around to using our software.

In order to get around this issue, you would need to first run DEMMETA on the DEM. I would recommend that you run this in Focus -> Tools | Algorithm Librarian – All Algorithms – DEMMETA.

If you have any other questions contact our support team at

Hope this helps!



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