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mosaicking: using python vs. orthoengine

Hi all,

    I tried to use the python api for auto-mosaicking of two images and compare it with the one using the ortho-engine mosaic feature. Using the same parameters, I found out that their file sizes are different.

    Using Ortho-engine = 175Mb

    Using Python Api = 102Mb.

Can you tell me why this is and if there is something I need to change in my code? Below is the code I used:


Please help.. Thank you.


bryan kobe

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Hi Bryan,

When running automatic mosaicking in OrthoEngine, overviews are automatically generated for the mosaic. However, this is not the case in your python script. You would have to run PYRAMID after MOSRUN to generate the overviews for the output mosaic. You can also check and generate overviews in the Overview Manager in Focus (Focus > Files Tab > Right-Click image > Overview Manager). Once overviews are generated for an image, the size will increase slightly, which is why the two output mosaics are of different size.

Hope this helps!


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