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Export Image Statistics

Good Day,

I want to export histogram statistics from image bands to text file. How can I do this?

Steffen Željko

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Hello Steffen,

You can easily export the histogram statistics of an image to text file by running the HIS Geomatica function (PPF).
Simply do the following:

  1. In Focus, Open the Algorithm Librarian found under the Tools menu.
  2. Find and open the HIS Geomatica function.
  3. Under the Input Params 1 tab, specify the DISK report mode.
  4. Specify the remainder of the parameters and run HIS.
  5. The outputted histogram statistics file can be found under: PCI Geomatics\Geomatica 2015\user

Also, you can run the HIS Geomatica Function in EASI, which would allow you to specify the output file using the REPORT parameter.

I hope this helps,

Jean Bouffard 1 vote
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