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Licensing types


I’m interested in your software but I’m not sure what kind of licensing configuration I require. What are the licensing options available?


Steff Velsco Answered

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Hello Steff,

We currently have four different types of licensing configurations:

Standalone installations are installed and licensed on one machine such as your personal laptop.
1. Standalone dongle based - The license is tied to the dongle itself. If you travel often or switch between computers we suggest using a dongle.
2. Standalone dongle-less - The license in this case is tied to the machine’s configurations not a dongle. This configuration works well if you only use the software on one machine.

Client and server installations are used for a network of computers such as a computer lab.
3. Client and server dongle based – The license for this configuration is tied to the dongle. The client machine pings the server machine for a license token. If the dongle is removed, the tokens are no longer available.
4. Client and server dongle-less – The licensing in this case is tied to the server’s configuration. This licensing method is available for Linux and virtual machines as there is physically no place to plug in a dongle.

Hope this helps!

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