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Georeferencing a Pleiades 1b image

I am trying to use the orthoengine in PCI Geomatica 2015 to reference a Pleaides 1B sensor image to WGS 84 (ESPG: 4326).

Acquisition mode PX Spectral processing PA+XS (resolution is 70cm)

I have the associated RPC file and the data is in WGS84.

The problem I have is that when I try to set the projection to that in the RPC file (WGS 84) I get an error message stating that the output georeferencing must be projectable.

Any suggestions?

Alexander Gomm

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Our projection codes are different than the ESPG standard index codes. The projection code for WGS 84 in Geomatica is D000. However, that alone will not be enough. You also need to provide a coordinate system, such as UTM or Lat/Long. So for example, if you want the output to be in UTM, you need to specify UTM and select a zone and optionally a row.

For UTM the projection string might look like: UTM 9 J D000

For Long/Lat the string would look like Long/Lat D000

of course we support other options for coordinate systems, such as local systems, SPCS, etc.

I hope this helps and sorry for the delayed reply, this forum is still in its infancy

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