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Error importing GCPs to project from text file "does not have the proper format(Bulk)."

I have exported some GCPs from a project using the ToolsExportGCPs... dialog. I chose Save to text file option and tried IPLXYE as well as IXYE formats for export. 

When I try to import these GCPs into another project using Tools > ImportGCPs..., I receive the error:

"GCP can not be read as the file XXXXXX.txt does not have the proper format(BULK)."

I cannot find any reference to a BULK file format in the documentation. 

Any ideas?

D. J. E. Hill

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You are seeing this error message because Tools |Import | GCPs can only be used if you exported GCPs for two or more images at the same time in Tools | Export | GCPs (Bulk export). To import the GCPs for a single image, use "Collect GCPs Manually" and choose “PIX/text file" as the Ground control source.

More information on this can be found in our online Help Documentation for GCPWRIT and GCPREAD -

Hope this helps,


PCI Geomatics
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