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Getting Started with Geomatica on GeoCloud

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PCI Geomatics had partnered with GeoCloud to make Geomatica available on the GeoCloud platform. With the Geomatica Cloud offering on GeoCloud you can access the software 24/7, on-demand, from wherever you are.

This guide outlines how to get started with Geomatica Cloud on GeoCloud. A full user manual for GeoCloud is available on their website: https://www.geocloud.work/media/manual-pdf/GeoCloud_Manual_v4.2.pdf

The following steps will be outlined in detail:


Selecting Geomatica Cloud Application & Storage


Starting and Managing Storage

Starting Geomatica Cloud Application

Accessing Application through Remote Desktop

Stop Application and Storage


To begin using applications on GeoCloud you must first register for an account.

  1. From the main GeoCloud site click Workplace


  1. From the Workplace you can then select Register or Sign-in


  1. If you click register a Registration screen will load. You can create a new account or log in through Google.


  1. Once you completed the registration, you will be logged into the GeoCloud site. You can check your account information and balance in the top right of the page.


Selecting Geomatica Cloud Application & Storage

Now that your account is set up, you can select the Geomatica Cloud application you would like to purchase.

  1. You can access PCI Geomatics on GeoCloud homepage from the following link: https://www.geocloud.work/software/pci-geomatics.
  2. Click Start Working to access the Select Applications page with the Geomatica Cloud offerings. 

 More information on the functionality available with each offering can be found in the info list mceclip6.png


  1. Select the offering that you are interested in purchasing by clicking the Select button



  1. You can receive a price estimation based on the expected hours of use by clicking Price Estimation at the bottom of the page.


  1. Click Create Apps to create the Geomatica Cloud application that you selected.


  1. A Select Storage pop-up will appear. You can select the size of storage that you require. The selected storage will be shared across all your applications.

*Note: If you already have storage on GeoCloud this pop-up will not appear.


  1. Both the storage and Geomatica Cloud application are created. The Apps & Storage page opens which shows all the applications on your account.



The next step is to add money to your account.

  1. On the Apps & Storage page select Billing from the list on the left.


  1. On the One-time payment window select the amount that you would like to add to your account.
  2. Click Deposit


  1. Proceed with the payment process by choosing your payment method and completing the required fields.
  2. The money that you added will be reflected in the balance section at the top of the page.

Starting and Managing Storage

Once the payment is complete, the storage that you selected can be started. Note that storage must be started before you can start an application.

  1. Click Start Storage


  1. The storage will switch to Starting


  1. Once it has started, the status will switch to Storage Running


  1. Before starting your Geomatica Cloud application, you can navigate to the File Manager to manage the data on your storage. The file manager shows all the files that are currently on your storage. You can upload, download or delete files from the file manager.

*It is best to manage storage while applications are stopped, as applications are less expensive in the Stopped state.


  1. You can create a new folder on the storage drive and upload files into that folder. Click Upload files to select files from your computer to upload.
  2. Once you have selected the files to upload, they will appear in the upload status


  1. Once the uploads are complete you will see them added to the storage in the File Manager


  1. If you are transferring many files, or large files it is recommended that you use the Multiple files transfer.  For multiple and large files uploading and downloading you can use any SFTP client, e.g. FileZilla client (https://filezilla-project.org/).


Starting Geomatica Cloud Application

Now that the storage is started, you can start your Geomatica Cloud application.

  1. Make sure that you are in the Apps & Storage section of the webpage.
  2. Click Start Computer


  1. The application will switch to Starting


  1. Once it has started, the status will switch to Open Desktop


  1. Click Open Desktop. An RDP file will be automatically downloaded.


  1. Beside the Open Desktop button click Copy Password 


  1. Click on the downloaded RDP file.
  2. When prompted, paste the saved password in the Remote Desktop – Windows Security window.


  1. The remote desktop window will open.

Accessing Application through Remote Desktop

The remote desktop is opened and your application is now available. You can access your storage and Geomatica software from the desktop. There is also a Geomatica Resources folder on the desktop which contains links to various PCI Geomatics webpages and resources.






Connection to the network storage drive.


Geomatica Software


PCI Geomatics demo data which provides various datasets for customers to use for testing.


This folder contains direct links to Geomatica resources as indicated below: Developer Zone, Geomatica Cloud Homepage, Geomatica Online Help Documentation, Help Center, PCI Geomatica Homepage, PCI Geomatics YouTube Channel and Support Form.

Geomatica Resources

Developer Zone - Includes resources for users developing Python scripts

Geomatica Cloud Homepage

Geomatica Online Help Documentation – Documentation for each Geomatica algorithm and workflow.

Help Center - Includes many resources such as tutorials, training manuals, videos, webinars, FAQs and more

PCI Geomatica Homepage

PCI Geomatics YouTube Channel - Includes many video tutorials, webinars and more

Support Form – Send a Geomatica related support request to PCI Geomatics support

Stop Application and Storage

Once you are finished with your current session you can close out of the Remote Desktop window. You will then need to stop both the application and storage.

  1. On the GeoCloud Apps & Storage page click Stop beside the Geomatica Cloud application. You need to stop the application before you can stop the storage.
  2. The application status will switch to Stopping


  1. Once stopped it will switch back to Start Computer


  1. Once the application is stopped you can click Stop beside the storage.
  2. Both the storage and application are now stopped. You will notice that the cost per hour in the balance section is now updated to reflect the cost of the application and storage in the stopped state.


If you have any questions about your GeoCloud purchase you can contact the GeoCloud team: https://www.geocloud.work/about

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