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Align & Pansharpen

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This workflow is necessary if your Multispectral and Panchromatic images do not fully align. In this script the MS image is aligned to the PAN and then pansharpening is run. Follow the steps below to download the scripts, update the required python file and run the script.

Quick Setup and Start Instructions

1. Download the zip file below and save both .py files into the same directory.
2. Open run_pansharp_align.py in a text editor or IDE
3. Change each of the parameters to match your data and requirements: fili, fili_pan, filo, searchr, srcbgd, copyseg, enhance, resample
4. Save and close run_pansharp_align.py
5. Open CMD (DOS) and navigate to the location of the edited run_pansharp_align.py script (i.e. cd C:\python_test)
6. Run the script by typing: python run_pansharp_align.py

zip-icon.pngAlign & Pansharpen

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