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Creating Custom Solutions with Geomatica (Workflows and GUIs)

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No one problem is the same; geospatial customers face challenges that are often unique to their organizations and industries. As a result, organizations are trending towards custom solutions. This includes tailoring the custom solution to handle specific input data, generate specific output products and even how the interface is designed. PCI Geomatics and its partners are embracing this new movement and are working together to offer our user community the tools and training required to develop these custom solutions or the services (via our developer network) to have them built for you.

In this webinar we will hear from Rubia Chen, President at Lotus (H&R) Inc., based in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2016, Ms. Chen saw an important need for a custom pre-processing app for the staff of the Taiwan Government. Ms. Chen contracted a PCI Developer Network partner to develop her vision of a software app with a state-of-the-art GUI and custom workflows for batch image processing. Learn more about this software app and how you can offer this app or ones like it to meet your needs or the needs of your clients.


Concepts that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Challenges the client faced
  • How the GeoAg Processor (custom app) helps to solve those challenges
  • How to use the GeoAg Processor
  • How to connect with the PCI Developer Network to get your ideas built
  • How to join the network as a developer
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