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Forest Inventory Monitoring through Earth Observation

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In this webinar we will hear from Nils Erik Jørgensen, Founder and Owner of TerraNor, an Earth Observation services company based in Norway. TerraNor routinely provides services in the forest industry, which is an important sector of activity in Scandinavia.

The Swedish forest owner association ‘Norra skog’ wanted to see changes to a property of 300 ha since the last orthophoto from Swedish Land Survey (Lantmäteriet) was taken in 2012. Using the aerial imagery from 2012 and new satellite collections from Kompsat-2 (1m Pan, 4m MS imagery), TerraNor was able to automate and speed up the inventory process through multi-temporal comparisons.


Concepts that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Image co-registration and alignment for multi-temporal assessment
  • Pre-processing considerations and steps for change detection
  • Possibility of automation through Python and other modeling tools available in Geomatica
  • Automatic delineation of change areas and assessment of forest density
  • Other potential techniques to improve accuracy of change analysis

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