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Creating a Country Mosaic with RapidEye Imagery and GXL

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PCI Geomatics, together with its partner the National Comisión for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO), recently revealed a complete mosaic of Mexico which was produced by a single operator based on over 25,000 RapidEye images through the use of a GXL large volume image production system.

In this webinar, we will showcase how the imagery was collected from the RapidEye Constellation, how the processing was completed, and discuss the methods used to attain a high quality result in a short amount of time using only a few operators.


What You'll Learn:
In this webinar, PCI Geomatics and Conabio experts will demonstrate:

  • Introduction to Blackbridge, and RapidEye imagery, key advantages
  • Case study walk through – processing the Mexico Mosaic
  • Conabio’s experience using RapidEye imagery and GXL software
  • Techniques applied to handle image selection (cloud cover, seasonality)
  • Automated Colour balancing approaches
  • Adjustments applied, editing
  • Publication of the Mosaic, use in Mexico
  • Live demonstration / review of Mosaic environment

Youtube_icon Creating a Country Mosaic with RapidEye Imagery and GXL

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