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How to Ortho Mosaic 50-Year-Old Historical Air Photos The Easy Way

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In this webinar we have the pleasure to hear from the City of Saint John, New Brunswick, and the Manager of the GIS Department on the topic of working with Historical Air Photos. Many GIS departments and other organizations face the same dilemma – what should they do with old historical air photos which cannot be used in modern day GIS systems. PCI Geomatics worked with the City of Saint John to take over 183 historical air photos from 1967 covering the greater Saint John area and create a highly accurate ortho mosaic from the imagery.

In this webinar, we will show you how to complete this processing and also provide you with a subset of the 1967 historical air photos you can use to replicate the workflow and produce your own ortho mosaic with Geomatica and HAP.


What You'll Learn:

  • Basic techniques for scanning air photos to digital files (prints)
  • The value of historical air photos, once brought into modern formats (applications that the City of Saint John is now contemplating)
  • How to go from scanned imagery to complete ortho-mosaic and elevation models
  • Elevation change detection

Youtube_icon How to ortho mosaic 50-year-old historical air photos the easy way

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