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Changing Geomatica’s Working Path and AutoLaunch Settings

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How to change the default working path

The following tutorial outlines the procedure for changing the working path in Geomatica. Often times you will save your data to a specific directory on your machine instead of the default USER directory. You can change the settings in Geomatica so the file windows (open, save, etc...) in Geomatica will automatically navigate to this directory. You will need administrative access to make these changes.

  1. From the start menu navigate to: Start > All Programs > PCI Geomatics > Geomatica 2016
  2. Right-click on Geomatica and choose Properties.
  3. You can then change the Start in folder to the folder you wish to set as your default location. Make sure to keep the quotes around your new path. In the example below the default location of “C:\PCI Geomatics\Geomatica 2016\USER” was changed to “I:\Data”. These changes will be applied to all Geomatica programs.



How to change the Geomatica autolaunch program

The following is a quick method to change which program automatically launches when Geomatica is opened. The default option is Focus but this can be easily changed.

  1. Open the etc directory from the Geomatica installation folder : C:\PCI Geomatics\Geomatica 2016\etc
  2. In this directory locate and open the geomatica.prf file in notepad.


  1. Within this file you will want to make a change to the AutoLaunch keyword:

WorksIcon: "icofocus.bmp" "focus" "@@Focus" "Group1" "AutoLaunch"

If you do not wish for any program to be automatically launched you can remove the “AutoLaunch” from this line:

WorksIcon: "icofocus.bmp" "focus" "@@Focus" "Group1"

If you want a different application to autolaunch you can move the “AutoLaunch” keyword to a different line. For example you would add “AutoLaunch” to the end of line 2 to automatically launch OrthoEngine.

WorksIcon: "icorthae.bmp" "orthoeng" "@@OrthoEngine" "Group1" "AutoLaunch"


  1. Save the prf file and launch Geomatica. You will notice that your autolaunch program has changed.
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