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Uninstalling the Geomatica License Server

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The purpose of this tutorial is to provide you with a friendly and easy to follow step-by-step guide for uninstalling an existing version of the Sentinel RMS license server.

Occasionally it is required to update the license server when a major version of Geomatica is released. Newer versions often include upgraded functionality and bug fixes. This uninstallation tutorial will work for all versions of the Sentinel RMS License Manager.     

STEP 1 – Stopping the Sentinel RMS License Manager Service

Before running the uninstallation process you must first ensure that the Sentinel RMS License Manager service has been stopped.  To stop the server you must do so through the Control Panel (All Control Panel Items > Administrative Tools > Services).

The Services panel opens and you will need to locate Sentinel RMS License Manager service in the list. You can right-click on the Sentinel RMS License Manager Service and select Stop in the pull-down menu.

Once the Service has been stopped your panel should look similar to this screenshot. Failure to Stop the Service will mean that the un-installation will not be completed. The Service must be stopped in order to proceed to the next step.


STEP 2 – Uninstalling the Sentinel RMS License Manager Service

In order to proceed with the uninstallation of the License Server itself, you need to ensure that the Sentinel RMS License Manager Service is stopped in the previous step.  Failure to do so will result in the uninstallation wizard quitting as the files cannot be removed while active.

Now that the Service is stopped you can run the uninstallation from the Start Menu.  The executable will be found under the ServerRMS folder: Start > All Programs > ServerRMS > PCIGeomatics > ServerAdministration > Uninstall > License Server.

After launching the executable a confirmation panel will appear, asking if you want to remove the application. Select Yes to proceed.

Another confirmation panel appears stating that other programs might be running off of this server. If you do not have any other programs please select Yes to continue. Otherwise consult PCI Support for additional information.

The Program Maintenance panel now appears. You have the option to Modify, Repair or Remove. In this case you will toggle the Remove radio button to uninstall the License Server and select Next to continue.

The uninstall confirmation panel now appears. To continue with the process you can select Remove. If you need to change previous options you can do so by pressing the Back button.

Once all of the files have been removed from your machine the completion panel appears. Please select Finish to continue.

The un-installation of the Sentinel RMS License Manager is now completed.  You may now run the new Sentinel RMS License Manager installation.  

For any technical assistance you can always contact license@pcigeomatics.com or support@pcigeomatics.com accordingly.  Please be sure to include all relevant screen captures, and to quote your customer number for easy reference.

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