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## MODEL PPF Example ##

# This script outlines how to run the MODEL ppf with a multi-line EASI script. 

# If you have a more complex EASI script that you wish to use with the MODEL function you can add it
# to a text file and enter the text file as the source. However, you can define the source as a multi-line string as shown below.

import pci
from pci.model import model
from pci.exceptions import *

file = r"Y:\Training\GeoI\irvine.pix" 
# "Source" is the EASI script that you wish to apply to "File". The three quotes before and after the string let python know that the string
# is three lines long. The number of quotes before and after depends upon the number of lines in the string.
source = '''if((%3>0) and (%%9=1))then 
undefval = []     

    model(file, source, undefval)
except PCIException, e:
    print e
except Exception, e:
    print e
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