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Geomatica 2014 and ArcGIS - Overview on deriving information from imagery

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Learn the various ways in which Esri’s ArcGIS and PCI’s Geomatica software tools can be used to work with Geospatial imagery to derive information for applications such as mining, urban change detection, natural resource monitoring.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How easy it is to integrate imagery into your projects and perform basic manipulations
  • Advanced analysis including DEM extraction, vegetation analysis, and emergency response mapping.
  • Leverage Python to connect ArcGIS and Geomatica to develop purpose built applications

The webinar will include case studies from recent Esri and PCI Geomatics Imagery Grant recipients, who have used ArcGIS, Geomatica together with RapidEye and RADARSAT-2 imagery to derive information from geospatial imagery.

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