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MAS algorithm in EASI can be used to stamp-in the projection in a PIX file.
**Please note that MAS do not support any other file format.**
Script below stamp-in UTM 11 D000 projection in all PIX files available in SRCDIR folder.

  • DOMANY loops through all the PIX files.
  • DBSL=1
  • MAPUNITS="UTM 11 D000"
  • SRCDIR="D:\Geomatica\Pixfiles
  • DFREGEX="*.pix

I have an EASI script that runs a command that requires user input (i.e. PCIMOD). Each time I run my script it stops at this point. How do I incorporate user input in my EASI script so it will continue to run?

When using the PCIMOD command in an EASI script, you will get the following error message when you try to run it:
*** WARNING ***
If PCIMOD aborts before completion PCIDSK file may be corrupted! Make a backup copy of PCIDSK file on tape or disk before continuing.

NEVER abort PCIMOD using CTRL-C. Always let it run to completion. The PCIDSK file is NOT corrupted if PCIMOD fails due to lack of disk space.

  • Do you wish to continue? [Y/N]
To get past this user input step add the following command to your EASI script before the PCIMOD command is run:
  • EASI>monitor="OFF"
You should turn it back on after you run PCIMOD to ensure proper error reporting.
  • EASI>monitor="ON"
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