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Exporting Focus Imagery to Google Earth

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The purpose of this tutorial is to provide you with a friendly and easy to follow step-by-step guide for using the Export to Google Earth function in PCI Geomatica 2015. The exported image is essentially a snapshot of the Focus current view, which is in turn a rendering of the actual data. This means that the opaque background of the current view is also exported and appears when the result is displayed in Google Earth. The original pixels of the actual rasters and the original vertices of the actual vectors, however, are not exported. To include the original pixels and vertices and exclude the opaque background, use the EXPORT2KML algorithm.

Note: You must have an internet connection and Google Earth installed on your computer in order to perform the steps in this example.

1. Open Focus if it is not already open.

2. In the Focus toolbar, click on the New Project button

3. Drag and drop a georeferenced file into the Focus window.

4. In the Focus menu bar, click on File

5. In the dropdown menu select Export to Google Earth…


6. In the Export to Google Earth panel, click Browse

7. Navigate to any directory that you wish to save the exported KMZ file to

8. Name the KMZ file and click Save

9. Place a check mark besides Display results in Google Earth

10. Click Export

Google Earth will automatically open and load the image from the Focus viewer into Google Earth.

Note: The area outlined in red is a clip of the image originally loaded into Focus. The image is clipped based on the viewer extent at the time you export to Google Earth.

11. Add a placemark in the center of the image. This will allow you to see the location of the image when you zoom out.

12. Zoom out enough to see a reference of the area.

Description: This area is located in northern British Columbia in a region well known for forestry activities.

13. Close or minimize Google Earth.

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