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Defining Functions

PCI Geomatics -


	PCI Geomatics(C) - Defining Functions

print ""
print ""
print "***************************************************************"
print ""
print "       -= PCI Geomatics(C) =-"
print "     Defining Functions"
print ""
print "***************************************************************"

# Define the number variables to be used in the math expression
A= 5
B= 2
C= 7

# Define the math expression as 'math'. This defined function can be called upon later in the script
def math (x, y, z):
	add= x+y
	mult= add * z
	exp= mult**z
	finalresult= exp / add
	print finalresult
# Run the 'math' function that you created. Keep in mind that 'math' always needs 3 input variables	

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