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Using Python and Geomatica to develop your own custom solutions

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Help your customers get more from imagery by developing your own purpose-built workflows leveraging some of the over 500 algorithms available in Geomatica. Script image processing and combine it with other tasks to streamline data management applications, generate intelligent business products, or customize output for an endless variety of applications.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How to integrate Python with a Geomatica installation
  • How to build simple scripts to chain together popular Geomatica algorithms and workflows
  • How Python scripts can be used to bring imaging projects created in Geomatica over to ArcGIS for further analysis.
  • Where to find additional resources, such as the PCI Geomatics GitHub page where example scripts can be explored and modified to suit specific requirements.

Target Audience

This webinar is ideally suited for anyone interested in developing custom solutions for the geospatial markets.


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