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The Leica ADS40/80 sensor, currently in its third generation, is a line-scanning sensor that collects images in a 12,000 pixel wide swath. This camera can simultaneously collect panchromatic, color and color-infrared stereo imagery. All multispectral bands are collected simultaneously at the same high resolution, providing 5-band, co-registered and equal resolution imagery from data acquisition.

The following is a brief tutorial over the use of Geomatica OrthoEngine v10.3.1 for Orthorectifying ADS40/80 Level 1 imagery. Only ADS40/80 Level 1 imagery is supported. Since ADS Level 1 imagery comes with the camera geometric model, no GCP or TP collection is needed or allowed in OrthoEngine.

Aerial Camera Modeling

Initial Project Setup

Start OrthoEngine and click ‘New’ on the File menu to start a new project. Give your project a ‘Filename’, ‘Name’ and ‘Description’. Select ‘Aerial Photography’ as the Math Modeling Method. Under Options, select Camera type as ‘ADS’ and Exterior orientation as ‘Automatically determined’. After accepting this panel you will be prompted to set up the projection information for the output files and the output pixel spacing. Enter the appropriate projection information for your project.


Data Input
Select ‘Data Input’ option from ‘Processing Step’ drop down and click on ‘Open a new or existing image’ button. Use ‘New Image’ button to browse to and select ADS TIF file.

Collect GCPs and Tie Points
OrthoEngine allows user to directly select the ADS TIFF image and generate the orthorectified image. No GCP or TP collection is needed or allowed in orthoengine project file.

Generating Orthos
The final step is to set up your Ortho Image Production. Proceed to the ‘Ortho Generation’ processing step and select the ADS file(s) to be orthorectified. Choose the DEM file to be used in the processing and other processing parameters. Click on ‘Generate Orthos’ to create the final Orthorectified image.

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