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Creating Maps - Adding Labels

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Attributes of shapes in vector, grayscale, and pseudocolor layers can be displayed as labels on a map. A streamlined method is available to add and modify labels to desired features.

In this tutorial, the basic steps to add labels of a vector layer are outlined.

Adding Labels

1. To commence the tutorial you can simply begin by adding the Californ.pix image into the Focus viewer.

2. To view the various layers select the Files tab and expand the Vector layer list.  Within the Vector layer list right-click on Areas:Counties and select View.

3. Once the first two (2) steps are completed your viewer should look something similar to what can be seen below.

4. In order to view the labels right-click on the layer you wish to display and select Properties.

5. The Vector Layer Properties panel now appears. Please select the Labels tab. Since they are currently inactive you will not see any fields populated within the Labels table. To populate these fields select Add New.

6. Within the General Label Tool tab, you can select which attribute should be labeled. You may also select the Font style, Colour and Size. Click OK to select changes.

7. For the Area Options tab you can specify the placement of the label itself. This is all relative to the center of the shape. The preview will display the label placement as of the offset values change. Click OK to accept changes.

8. The Vector Layer Properties will now be updated, similar to what can be seen below. In this panel a particular label can be visible and/or selectable. Changes to individual labels can be made if the labels are selectable. A specific label set can be deleted by first selecting the desired label set and then clicking on the Delete button.

9. Click OK and the labels will now be added. If required you can reposition an individual label by clicking on the Image Layer within the Maps tab, click on Select in the Toolbar and then the specific label in the Map View. You may then move the label to the desired spot.

10. Aside from labeling all attributes you can also add labels simply based off of Selections. Right- click on the layer and select Attribute Manager. You may then select various rows by holding CTRL and selecting the specific rows. These will then be displayed within the View Area.

11. Similar to the other labeling process right-click on the layer and select Properties. This time it will automatically default to Label selected shapes only. You may then change parameters if so desired and select OK to apply the changes.


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