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Clipping Imagery with Irregular Shapes

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An image can be clipped based on a particular shape outlined by a vector layer. In this QuickGuide, the steps to clip an image to a specified shape are listed.

Load data

  1. In Focus, open the image layer to be clipped and the vector layer that provides an outline of the clip area.
  2. Click on the polygon layer in the Maps tab,. Using the Select Tool select the polygon of the area to be clipped in the map display


Specify Clipping Details

Go to Tools > Clipping/Subsetting to specify the clipping details:

  • select the input file and check off the image layers that are to be included in the clip output
  • specify an output file name
  • check off the option, ‘Set as No Data Value’
  • under Define clip region:
  1. Choose ‘Select a Clip Layer’ under Definition Method
  2. Select the file and layer which contains the clip boundary
  3. Check off ‘Clip using selected shapes only’
  4. Select ‘Shapes’ boundary as the bounds The preview will display the clip outline
  5. Click on the Clip button


Verify Clip Output
View the output in Focus.

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