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InSAR Deformation Mapping

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Quick Setup and Start Instructions

1. Click on the button below to download the zip file
2. Unzip both the deform_proc.py and Deformation_Analysis.py files into the same directory
2. Open the Deformation_Analysis.py file in a text editor (e.g. notepad++) or IDE (e.g. PyCharm)
3. Setup the parameters in the Deformation_Analysis.py file (Use the comments for help)
4. Save the Deformation_Analysis.py file
5. Open a command prompt window (Windows) or terminal (linux) and type in the path to the Deformation_Analysis.py file
    note: you may need to also provide the path to your python interpreter (python.exe for windows)

    For Example:
    C:\Users\pci>c:\Python27\python.exe d:\myscripts\auto_insar_deformation_mapping\Deformation_Analysis.py

6. Click enter to run

zip_gold.pngInSAR Deformation Mapping

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