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STAX Licensing Instructions

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Thank you for purchasing STAX, PCI Geomatics’ easy-to-use, image alignment and analytics tool for geospatial imagery. Below you will find step-by-step instructions to install and license your new software. This is a standalone installation that does not require a hardware lock (dongle).



If you have not already done so, you first need to download STAX.



STEP 1 – Software Installation

Launch the STAX software executable that you previously downloaded. The following window appears, Click NEXT to proceed.



The license agreement for STAX appears. Please read through the agreement and select ‘I accept the terms of the license agreement’ and then click ‘Next’ to proceed. Not agreeing to the terms and conditions will cause the installation to immediately cancel.



The Installation Location screen appears. Choose a destination folder for the software installation and click ‘Next’. Due to read/write permissions for Program Files on new Windows machines, we recommend keeping the default installation path on the C: drive.



The installation is ready to begin. Click ‘Install’.



The software installation process will begin and complete within a few minutes.



The STAX Installation Wizard is complete. Check “Yes I would like to launch the License Utility” and click ‘Finish’.




Step 2 – Requesting a License File

Now that the installation has completed you will need to request and apply a license file in the license utility.

The License Utility appears. Copy the Fingerprint information for identification in your license request. Request the license form on the link provided or you can load the form directly at http://www.pcigeomatics.com/license

STAX will work in trial mode for 30 days after installation without a license, but may not be used for commercial purposes until a license is applied.



Please complete the form with your contact information. You can use “STAX” as the Customer Number. Paste the Fingerprint information from the License Utility into the Fingerprint field. When the required fields on the form are complete, select “Request License”. You will shortly receive an email from PCI Geomatics with your license file, usually within one business day.


Upon receiving your license file, save a copy locally into My Documents for easy reference.

After doing so click the “Import…” button in the License Utility (accessible through Start > Programs > PCI Geomatics > STAX License Utility) and select the license file you just saved from PCI Geomatics.

Once successfully imported, the license type will change from “Trial” to “Standard”, and the expiry date will match the duration of the STAX licence you purchased.




This standalone (dongle-less) installation is now complete and you may start using STAX. If you require assistance with the installation and licensing of this product, please contact license@pcigeomatics.com.

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